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Cocoon Sauna Pod

The Calorie Burning Body Pod- Cocoon Deluxe Pro is a 30 minute full body wellness service that combines Infrared Heat, Vibratory Massage, Aromatherapy and a Pink Himalayan Salt Tile to create an environment for optimal health and wellness. The POD is a full body massage and adjustable dry-heat sauna. The Cocoon Deluxe Pro offers six different program options: Relaxation, Wellness, Weight Loss, Fitness, and Powernap. Each wellness option offers a different level of intensity for member comfort and preference.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

POD Experience

In the POD, you will experience an individualized wellness experience designed to help you relax and manage stress, give your body a recovery through heat and massage, boost your mental acuity, and much more.

Benefits of Infrared Therapy


Infrared heat is part of the invisible light spectrum from the sun. 54% of the sun’s output is infrared. Humans and all warm blooded animals emit infrared heat. Infrared is a beneficial and essential form of energy. Infrared works by heating an object, such as your body, without heating the free air surrounding it. When you are standing outside on a cloudy day, yet your body still feels warm, that heat is coming from the sun’s infrared rays. Infrared is extremely beneficial for the human body and can help with a wide range of conditions.

Most Reported Benefits:

  • Assists with weight loss goals and helps aid in weight management

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Firms & Tones Muscles

  • Increases Energy & Endurance

  • Enhance calorie burn for up to 24 hours after your session

  • Detoxification through enhanced healthy perspiration

  • Pain Relief through heated vibration massage programs

  • Relaxation & stress management

  • Improved mental performance and acuity

Benefits of HEAT Therapy

In a nutshell, using heat therapy is beneficial to your body, because it helps alleviate stress, flush out toxins from your body, cleanse your skin, and improve blood circulation. Heat therapy is also helpful in preventing sicknesses, reducing pain in muscles and joints, and inducing healthy sleep, among other benefits


How does Infrared create calorie burn?
When you choose the High Hyperthermic setting on the body pod, your body goes through a process called Thermoregulation. This is the process of your body fighting to cool your core temperature down, while the Infrared is fighting to heat it up. During this process your body is using energy to fight back. That burned energy is also burned calories.

• Relaxation and Wellness setting can burn up to 300 calories

• Fitness and Hyperthermic setting can burn up to 600 calories


Dry Heat Sauna

The temperature is displayed and adjustable to allow for the user’s cabinet temperature preferences ranging from room temperature to as high as 194ºF(90ºC). The heat delivered via an array of hood ports (“air shower”) to insure even and comfortable distribution of warm air.

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